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It is a bonus granted from the first deposit, so for new players who are just planning to open an account in this casino and pay money for the game english name is usually welcome bonus or first deposit bonus. Welcome bonus is usually shown as a percentage of the deposit, which we will get extra. There is also always a limit to the amount to which the casino will give us a welcome bonus. So, for example, the casino slogan "welcome bonus 100% to 200 €" means that we'll get the second jackpot as much as we deposit 100% more but not more than 200 €. So if someone is planning to pay 50 € for the start - he will get a second 50 € bonus and can start the game with 100 € on the account.

If someone has more money to play at the casino and he pays immediately, for example, 1000 €, he will get the maximum amount specified by the casino, that is 200 €. Warning! Receiving a bonus is not synonymous with the possibility of immediate withdrawal! All bonuses are currently covered by the so called required turnover read more about it in our "bonus tips" section a similar bonus to the welcome bonus described above, but intended for those players who already have an account, but have not made a second deposit or have not played for a long time. As a rule, these are temporary offers, so if we see such a proposal in your mailbox, you should use it quickly.

These are bonuses aimed at waking up inactive casino players, encouraging them to re-visit the casino and a possible deposit an additional bonus from the casino. As in the case of a welcome bonus, there are usually restrictions and limits as well as bonus requirements minimum turnover, but they are often lower than for new players. Bonus met increasingly rarely, the species of extinction in its original form. As the name says, it is money transferred to the game without any financial conditions usually without the need to deposit. The no deposit bonus is usually very small amounts e.g., 3-5 €, which are in practice not possible to pay without meeting subsequent requirements high turnover donated, account registration and symbolic payment, etc.

In recent years, the most popular form of free money from the casino are the so-called free spins free spins or free real money rounds on slot machines, which are for many players the main attraction in online casino. However some of free money deals might be a scam, so before playing check out trusthworthy new UK casinos - full list and make a good decision. Free spins let you know the machine currently promoted by the casino, feel the taste of the game for real money and with luck for winning. Of course, when and how we can pay it out remains a different issue, which is why experienced online gamers calmly approach such offers and check in detail the conditions for receiving and withdrawing free funds from the casino.

It is worth noting here that most casinos with an offer for casino reserve the winnings from free spins with a high turnover requirement - that is, in practice, we can not pay the prize out. Therefore, their offer only looks very tempting 100 free spins. The exception is casino gambling they give away relatively few free spins in one promotion casino free spins but the winnings can be withdrawn immediately without any additional conditions. Which gambling game would you like to play, are you looking for the one to win as much money as possible? Would you like to double, triple your budget, which you spend at the moment playing casino games? Or maybe you are looking for more happiness and you want to win casino from eg casino of course, there is such a chance, but take into account that the chance of losing is equally large.

Remember, do not take casinos seriously, play smartly, without much emotion, it's supposed to be a game where you have a chance to win, not a paid job. We will add and create new topics and describe the situations and stories that have happened in different casinos. We plan to add articles to our site on such topics online casinos and online gambling: roulette, black jack, bones, video slots and slot machines country descriptions, legal gulations, list of terrestrial casinos, ground-based casinos, their descriptions and stories that happened there casino.

The highest wins of players from around the world, fancy game strategies, their descriptions, attempts to earn, answer the question is it worth using them we will add a guide of popular games in casinos, we will create a section discussing online gaming machines, gambling problem how to use the games for money wisely not only casinos. This is an important aspect that can not be missing on this site, in many issues the problem does not occur, however, there are also those who are vulnerable to the risk of gambling addiction. Online games, online casino if you are looking for a gambling game in which you want to double your money, we invite you to play roulette or blackjack.

In the first one, of your happiness will count, less knowledge, and i will even say that of knowledge does not matter. In black jack, for this knowledge and happiness go head to head. However, these are games that probably will not bring you bigger wins, at most you can, for example, increase your wallet tenfold. The online casino offers you black jack and roulette games in various forms, it can be a software that you will struggle with or play live with a real dealer live casino - live. This option is becoming more and more popular in an online casino. For example offer either live roulette or black jack live. You will join other players.