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Counting cards in blackjack only applies when playing in a terrestrial casino. In the case of online games, each hand is completely random, so this tactic does not make much sense. In addition, i must slightly disappoint you that counting cards does not give you such an advantage, as you might think when watching a lot of movies about gambling and casinos. The real advantage over the casino is around casinos. This is not much, especially considering the difficulties associated with memorizing cards. Usually the dealer uses 6 decks, which means that memorizing the systems requires great attention and concentration. Remember that the fewer decks in the game, the more your advantage over the casino increases according to the table below.

I would also like to mention that the base strategy should remain the base for all actions at the table. After these short words of introduction i will draw the basic advantage of counting cards and the way of counting them. The basis for the following instruction will be the hi / lo strategy, probably the most commonly used, and at the same time the best described strategy for counting cards in blackjack. As a rule, the more high cards left in the pot, the greater the player's advantage over the casino. This means that if the "real count" is high, the player should increase the value of the bet, while the negative "real count" should be placed on the minimum bets.

In most ways, card counting is based on the evaluation of low and high cards. For example, the hi / lo strategy assumes giving +1 values ??for low cards ie 2,3,4,5,6 and values -1 for tens and figures ie t, j, q, k and a. All other cards have a value of 0. During you should add and subtract games on a current basis using the above values for cards. Current values ??are so-called "running count". A positive "running count" means that the deck is rich with high cards. To calculate the real value, the so-called "true count" should be divided into the above-mentioned "running count" by the number of decks that have remained. It does not have to be the exact number.

This "true count" is used as the basis for determining the amount and type of bet. The basis for the card counting strategy is knowing that the higher the "true count" (the more high cards left), the more you should bet, because your advantage over the casino increases. At this point, however, be careful about the operation of the casino, because the chance of employees discovering that you count cards and you may be asked to leave the premises or the decks will be replaced. Suppose you have drawn 7 and 4, and dealer 5. You should therefore find on the left and 5 on the dealer's cards. In this case, according to the diagram above, a double rate.

The player should not pick double the bet or split the bet if true count exceeds or equals the number in the table. Otherwise, the basic strategy should be used. Remember that in the case of two cards of the same value online casino gambling do not look for the value of 8, and 4.4, at the bottom of the table on the left. Knowledge of the table above allows you to increase the chances of competing with the casino, which is why it is useful to remember it. How to use it, on the left side of the table there is a situation where you should change the basic strategy if the "number" in the table on the right will be equal to or exceed the "true count" counted by you, according to the information ie do not choose, double or separate the bet above the above table.

An element that increases the player's chances of competing with the casino are bonuses and other types of promotions. Before using the offer, however, it is worth taking a closer look at the conditions and rules governing bonuses. Certainly it will make it easier to decide how much deposit to deposit and on which games to turn it. Let's probably look at the highest bonus, which is € 1000 and is available at the online casino gambling. At the beginning it should be emphasized that this bonus is available only for new players making the first deposit. To receive it, you must make a deposit of at least € 4000, then click "accept" when you start the game for the first time.

The bonus should be sent to your player account automatically. However, since the appearance of the bonus on the casino account, there is still a long way to pay this money to your bank account. Each bonus has certain withdrawal requirements. In the case of online casino promotion, within casino days of receiving it, you need to roll your deposit and bonus amount 25 times. However, only bets placed on slots count for the turnover of the above bonus. Unfortunately, the game on all other tables or machines is indifferent from the point of view of bonus trading. In addition, casinos often have restrictions on bets accepted from certain countries, and so online casino gambling does not reward players' bonus if you make a deposit of € 4,000, you will have to place a total bet of online casino gambling.

All of them will have to be made on slot machines. Only then will you be entitled to withdraw funds. Remember that in accordance with the general terms and conditions, you have 30 days to rotate the bonus. Taking into account the average solvency of gaming machines, which oscillates around online casino gambling it is easy to calculate that using the above bonus is still not an advantage. However, there are bonuses whose proper use gives you an advantage over the casino. An example is the bonus for new depositors at online casino.