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Roulette is a casino online game where your luck and your ability to make correct decisions in certain situations determine the chances you have to win money when you play. There is always a correct mathematical decision to take in any situation, and if you play the correct roulette , you will minimize the casino's mathematical advantage in the game. In this article, we look at roulette rules and strategy, trying to dress you best, understanding the game and making the right decisions when you play. Before we cast out the roulette rules and strategy, we'll take a quick look at where it's best to play roulette online. Play roulette for real money where do i play roulette online, you might ask yourself, and the answer is that you should play at a casino that has a game license at roulette casino gambling.

A casinos with game license offers tax roulette , and it means that if luck is with you, you do not think about having to pay taxes on your winnings. Here at casino guide we only recommend casinos with game license, so you can find your new casino for roulette in our list of the best online casinos that you will find below. The rules of roulette casino rules are simple and only minutes to learn. The best way to learn the rules in roulette is to play the game itself. However, it is less wise to make real money if you do not control the rules, but you can play roulette for free here at casino guide.

Try the game for "matador money" and learn the game fast, or get the rules and strategy explained by continuing your reading on this page. Basically, you only play against the dealer and not against the other roulette players at the table. The dealer must play his cards based on rules that are known by everyone in advance, and as always on the blanket between you and the dealer. These rules may vary slightly from casino to casino, but typically the rule is that the dealer has to ask for a card until his total is 17 or that he has passed 21 and has thus lost. But be sure to know the casino's roulette rules before playing. Place your bet before the game starts the game starts with each player making their bet.

Both real casinos and online casinos, there are different tables where the minimum and maximum efforts vary. Minimum is usually between $ 1 and $ 5. The dealer gives cards once all players have made their bet, the dealer gives cards. Again there is a difference between the individual playing tables, as the starting table typically plays with 6-8 decks set of playing cards. The remaining tables should be played with fewer decks. The fewer are the greater benefits for the skilled player, as he can increase his odds by using the right roulette strategy. More about it later. After mixing the cards, the dealer gives each player one face down face down.

It is given from the left and the table around. The round ends with the dealer giving himself a short face-down. This card is called the dealer's roulette. Each player now receives a card and the dealer gives himself a face-up card face up. This card is called the dealer's roulette. At the beginners table and on online casinos, all cards are face-up close to the dealer's roulette. How strong is my roulette hand. To find the total of the cards, put the values of your card together. Basically, an es has the value 11. If the total with subsequent cards exceeds 21, the es changes value to 1. A hand with an es where the value is 11 is called 'soft' while a hand where all ess have the value 1 is called 'hard'.

A hand consisting of the cards casino is therefore called a soft whereas is called a 'hard-16'. If you reach your starting hand total 21, you have roulette and should show this immediately. If the dealer's upcard is an es, he must be given a further card before checking out if he has roulette see below under the insurance message below. Do you exceed your total 21, and your ess all have the value 1, say you're busted and you lose your bet even if the dealer later in the same round busts. In turn, every player plays his hand. You will have the following possible messages hit if you are not satisfied with your total and you want a card more, you must 'hit'. You must continue to 'hit' until you are satisfied with your total or are 'busted' ie. Your total is greater than 21.

Stand are you satisfied with your total and you do not want more cards, you should 'stand'. Double do you think there is a big chance that you can beat the dealer, even if you only get one more card you should double. You double your bet and only get one more card. Some casinos have rules for what your total should be for you to double game casino. However, it is typical only with these starting numbers that it is worth double. Split if your two starting cards have the same value, you have the option to 'split'. This means that, with a new bet corresponding to the original, you can split your cards into two new hands thus having a new card each. You then play each of these new hands independently.

Most casinos have a rule that you divide ess, only get one new card for each hand. If you get a picture card on a split es, this does not apply as roulette but "only" as 21. Insuran ceif the dealer's upcard is an es, you will be offered 'insurance'. This means you can assure yourself that the dealer has roulette . You pay what equals half of your original bet and gets this money twice again if the dealer's downcard has the value 10. Do not you own roulette , you lose your original bet. See the strategy page to understand why 'insurance' rarely can pay off. Surrender after viewing your own cards and the dealer's up-card, you have at some casinos the opportunity to give up your hand and just lose half of your bet.