Play Blackjack Game

The rules of the blackjack game is a casino version of the game known in casino as an eyelet . Blackjack rules are quite simple, although the correct game optimizing our chances of winning has some nuances. The game is conducted between the dealer representing the casino and player. The player's task is to obtain a point score in cards from the dealer up to a maximum of 21 . The best arrangement is naturally blackjack, which is 21 points. Blackjack is played with a deck of 52 cards, most often there are more decks, sometimes even eight. Scoring cards is as follows: cards from 2 to 9 have a value expressed in their height (ie 5 diamonds is 5 points, eighth hearts are 8 points etc. 10 and figures jack, queen and king are 10 points, while ace is scored for 11 or 1, depending on which eventuality is more favorable for the player.

At the beginning of the game, the player and the dealer receive two cards after the bet has been placed by the player. One of the dealer's cards remains covered until the end of the game. The european blackjack rules are slightly different at this point: the dealer at the beginning deals only one, face-up card. After receiving the first two cards, the player has the following options he can draw a card if he thinks that the number of points accumulated in the first two cards is too low to win a lot may not draw a card and stay with the first two cards.

May double his bet double down this option is only possible after receiving the second card and allows you to select only one additional card. He can split his cards split. This is possible in the case when the first two player cards have the same height, e.g. Two tens. In this case, the player adds the second bet to the second hand and continues playing in two fields. He will receive the second card and the next to the split circuit only when he finishes the game with the first hand. In the case where the first face up card of the dealer is an ace, the player can bet your insurance insurance in case the dealer hits blackjack. The insurance rate is half the stake - in the case when the dealer actually chooses to blackjack, the player receives a double insurance rate, but loses the bet and goes out to zero. If the dealer of the blackjack fails, the insurance rate is forfeited.

So many rules for blackjack, and how are winnings paid well, when the player after picking the last card he wants has more than 21 points, he loses the bet. If he has less than 21 and more than the dealer or if the dealer has exceeded 21 points, he receives a win in the amount of his bet. When a player hits blackjack, his win is casino of the bet placed. However, in order for the dealer to not be too lurid and play in favor of the casino, the rules of blackjack oblige him to play in certain specific frames: he must draw a card when the sum of his points is 16 or less and he has no right to pick the card when he has 17 points or more.

All blackjack rules are the same in the live game as in the online blackjack game. It can be said that blackjack has come full circle. The first games took place in smoky casinos where people live - players and croupiers. When the internet appeared, one did not have to wait long for the online world to see online casinos. And in them, blackjack is to be understood, except that just as the beginning of the internet was quite unleavened, the graphics of the first online arcades appeared to be the same. Until recently, when a quite revolutionary idea appeared online casino live. And again, after several dozen years, we can look into the dealer's eyes, with the fact that we do not have to leave the house for this.

All we have to do is open an account in one of the larger online casinos , find the right bookmark and we can feel like in a real game house. We only choose the table because of the interest rate and we can play blackjack online. Naturally, let's not forget about making an appropriate deposit in advance using one of many online payment methods offered by the casino. So we chose the right table and what do we see we see a real blackjack table in front of us and a real croupier behind him. The croupier is english-speaking and has quite divisible attention, because apart from handing out the cards, he reads what we write to her in a chat and online casinos.

It is not limited only to the hi game during the game we can talk to her about everything, even about the weather in her native country. Well, but this is not the most important thing, the most important thing is playing online blackjack. How does it look exactly and how the real table and real cards are seen by the casino software so we are sitting in front of a beautiful croupier and we want to play. In the bottom part of the screen we see the patterns of tokens with denominations, with their help we set the rate for which we want to play. We occupy a free space and clicking on the field in front of our nickname "we leave" tokens on it. At this point, when the time for betting is over, the dealer will deal two cards for each field with the stake.

With our cards you will see a number with the number of points we have collected. When it's our turn, the dealer will ask us what decision we make choose the card, double the rate, split the cards or stay with the cards we have. One by one he asks for their decisions all players at the table and when this round is over and if there is even one player without a "fury" in the game, he discovers his cards and eventually selects 16 points. But where does the software know what kind of cards we have and what cards does the dealer have? Blackjack online with a live dealer is a real game, but based on modern technologies.