Keno Game Strategy

Choose a way to play in keno, you can play by completing the form and giving it to the seller, giving your numbers verbally or also asking the seller for a bet at random. The smaller the bet, the lower the winnings. When buying more expensive coupons, potential winnings grow. The casino portal recommends starting a game at keno from the lowest rates to build the right budget, and at once with it to play for a higher rate. Choose numbers in keno you can choose from 1 to 10 numbers from the 1-70 set. 20 numbers are drawn. Decide how many numbers you want to bet - a maximum of 10. The choice of the number of bets depends on the amount of winning and the chance to hit it, however, regardless of how many numbers you choose, it does not affect the price.

If you know which numbers you want to place - mark them on the form. If you do not have your numbers - play at random specify the rate in keno, you can choose the rate at which you play - the amount you want to bet on each draw. You can multiply the stake from 1 to 10 times. A bigger stake means a higher price for the game, but also the same number of times higher wins. For example: by playing for pln 2 and placing 10 numbers you can win 200,000. Zl. If you play with a stake of 10 - you will pay pln 20, but you will already be playing for highlight the selected rate on the form or show it to the seller.

Keno is drawn every 4 minutes, every day from it only depends on you how many more lots you want to take part in. Each subsequent draw is an additional game, and therefore also a new chance to win! You can play on up to 50 consecutive draws. Mark the number of draws on the form or show it to the seller. After paying for the game, you will receive a keno voucher from the seller. It will show your numbers, number and numbers of draws in which they will participate and the amount of the stake. The coupon is the only proof of participation in the game. If your set of numbers is lucky, please provide the coupon of the seller who will pay you your winnings or will tell you where you can pick it up.

Give your numbers another chance! All you have to do is give your old coupon to the seller and ask you to re-play. You will receive a new coupon that will be identical to the previous one: with the same game, number and type of bets, typed numbers and number of draws. The "play again" option works for coupons not older than 90 days. Keno via the internet is a unique game that guarantees winnings even if you miss any of the typed numbers! Take advantage of high chances of winning and become a millionaire. You can win up to for a 10 to 10 hit! This is a unique game that guarantees winnings even if you do not hit any of the numbers! Take advantage of high chances of winning and become a millionaire.

Play keno on your own terms in keno it's up to you how much you play and what wins! Just select from 1 to 10 numbers from the pool of 70 numbers, and then determine the amount of the rate for which you want to play. The basic rate of keno is only pln 2, but if you want, you can increase it up to 10 times! The higher the rate, the higher the wins! Win in keno even every 5 minutes fall into the vortex of keno and win! Draws of this game take place every 4 minutes every hour. Get ready for great emotions and plenty of opportunities for high wins. Find out how easy it is! Now you can bet on the winning keno numbers even without leaving your home! Become a millionaire without leaving home!

Fill out the keno coupon online, go to the lottoland cash register, finalize the transaction and keep your fingers crossed for a big win! Playing online, just a few clicks separate you from the fulfillment of dreams. Immediately after the announcement of the keno draw results, you will receive an automatic notification of the winnings, and the money will be safely transferred to your account. Now you will never lose your coupon and you will not forget to collect your winnings! Convince yourself and play now! Even in games like keno , it is possible to participate in tournaments. If the events are mostly deferred, we find some sites that allow keno to play directly, and know the results of the raffle immediately afterwards.

However, it is not evident to face several adversaries at the same time, especially when we have a cardboard to cross as the only weapon. Therefore, the best way to get away with it in the tournament, is to use the correct strategy adapted to the situation in which you are. When you play in an online keno tournament, the casino that organizes it is usually responsible for indicating what is called a "leaderboard", that is, a table that serves for the classification of players. This is your first element of comparison, the first indicator you should use. In fact, you can check your positioning and act accordingly. If you know that you are in a high position in the ranking, you can treat yourself without playing too risky, and you can make relatively low bets.

On the other hand, if you are tired, you will have no choice but to take risks in order to recover the backlog. The choice of your bets is also another fundamental element to consider. Once again, a reliable indicator on which you can rely is the payment table, which provides information on the categories of bets, their costs and eventual remuneration. It is clear that betting on two numbers will be less expensive than betting on ten. It is important to choose your bet wisely, taking into account your available budget and your position in the ranking of players. You also have to be careful, because in the tournament the formula "the more you bet, the more i win" is not always exact.